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brad lau the ladyironchef

Posted on: August 25, 2010

got this in one of the forum. …
i should not be bashing etc because he might sue me. LOL!…. someone post in the forum . “omfg, i heard from a source that he is discussing with his lawyer about suing.” .. haha, something along the line.

oh well…. this kind of thing reflect badly on food blogger, how many of you all actually eat free free ar?

its funny how someone try to “tegakkan benang yang basah”.
i think he should learn from jay park . he apologize sincerely and guess what the hater didn’t manage to stop him from being in entertainment industry, because his supporter is more than willing to forgive him and still show support.


14 Responses to "brad lau the ladyironchef"

Ya, a few bloggers have posted on him – two sides to the story. Ah well…each will have his own things to say, I’m sure. Somebody was telling me the other day, these floggers (food bloggers) don’t know how to cook…and the irony is they can write food reviews. This one is so very thin some more… I wonder! LOL!!!

Cis, shame on you Cikgu. Why say floggers dono how to cook? You know how… at least you didn’t sodomize your chic and turned them into negro chic… plus… there’s Pete… he knows how to cook too. Let’s go and bodek him for food, shall we? LMAO. 😛

Not all mah!!! Never see any posts on them cooking, not like Pete…and even you with your very-kesian negro chicken – something’s better than nothing… And we do not get invited to those… We only share with readers in all honesty – places where we go to eat (and paid out of our own pockets), any nice things that they should go and try too…all out of own goodwill, and nice things that we cook too – except that in your case, readers’ discretion is advised. Muahahahahaha!!!!

who the pete who know how to cook ? lol xD lets all go to his house for dinner.

@suituapui:i browse his blog, don’t like it,i prefer your blog. hehehehe. cook more delicious food 🙂

Ehhh? Cikgu, you’re here… wakakakakakaka…

Hallo, hallooo… my first time here, thank you for visiting my blog, and I assume you found out about my blog via Cikgu’s blog?

Gee! I seem to be everywhere, eh? Hehehehehe!!!

actually while bloghopping , not from cikgu blog la.. i think i saw ur comment at bold talk, and i click ur link lor xD.

Of course lah… What do skinny people know about food? Muahahahaha!!!!

hi Goldflower.. thanks for hopping by my blog.. after reading Cleff’s comments in STP’s blog, i was very curious.. (i m 8 one!) wanna see who is the gold flower she was mentioning.. well, to know you more means to come by more often, right! Will add u in my blogroll tonight.. why tonight?? cos office ban ma! cis..

Claire’s here too! The more the merrier… Hehehehehe!!!

thank you. hehe .. i dunno how to add blogroll@_@..
N CIKGU or anyone want to teach me ? hehehee

Opps, sorry but I’m not alert to this news.. =_=

Anyway, you have a nice day!

hehe, just kepoh people like me know this kind of thing. lol. good day too

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