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continuation from the “soup”

Posted on: August 26, 2010

done reading that book few days where a bit quote and summary. this book is about how to build successful company, but i think its not limited to that, even a teacher need to know how to build a successful classroom, daddy and mummy need the knowledge too for good family 🙂

quote : communication builds trust, and its a key to successful family or team.

quote: ‘‘It’s the same with marriages. Marriages go downhill when communication breaks down. Relationships fall apart when there is a lack of communication. That’s because where there is a void of clear and positive communication, we start to assume the worst and act accordingly. Fear and negativity creep in and dominate our thoughts, behavior, and actions.’’

quote :Communication builds trust, and trust conquers fear

Communication, trust, and love create the foundation for any successful relationship. Without communication, trust, and love, your relationship won’t be very strong; and without strong relationships, you can’t have a strong team; and if you don’t have a strong team, then you can’t have a strong organization. Relationships are the foundation upon which winning teams and organizations are built.

there is a lot more quote from this book but i don’t want to make this post too long 😛 , next time lah.
this book is about business management, but after reading this book, i can make conclusion that is

– business management strategy can be applied in daily management.
– whether it is business or family or any institution, we will need a good relationship that come good from good communication so the trust can be build. and trust is what hold people together during hard time.

p/s: eh… this post sound more like how to build relationship 😀


2 Responses to "continuation from the “soup”"

You have very great blog here, full with constructive information. Will drop by again. Thanks.

thanks.i love your blog parenting blog. hehehe

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