One life can make a difference

thanks to cleffairy

Posted on: August 27, 2010

she sent me an ebook! hehe .. i am so happy 🙂
so i will be off to read.

oh to make this post longer, this is all the quote from the book. its good book. i enjoy reading it .

‘‘The world is a mosaic of people and opportunities, and when you make relationships your priority, the possibilities are endless. Great relationship leads to great outcomes. Develop as many great relationships as possible. Make time for them. Nurture them. Engage them. Not just at work but at home. In your community. On airplanes. At the ball field. Everywhere. You never know where your next idea, opportunity, or life changing moment will come from or which relationship will be behind it.’’

and do you like soup? what kind of soup do we become ?

Lukewarm wasn’t an option.
Cold soup was gross.
Hot soup was the answer.

let us all be hot soup in life . heheheh.


4 Responses to "thanks to cleffairy"

In hot soup means in trouble… Hehehehehe!!! No, thank you… I’ll have mine lukewarm. LOL!!!

ahaha, not like that la.. you want to drink cold soup,lukewarm soup or hot soup? sure want hope soup lorrrrr

I want to try everything…

Err.. I don’t think I ever want to land myself in hot soup 😛

As STP says it, lukewarm is my choice 😀

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