One life can make a difference

p.s i love you

Posted on: August 28, 2010

this story make me laugh and cry so much 😦
i think this story suit people in grieving process. i lost someone precious to me 2years ago.

i wonder will this person list me a to do list to get on living ?
sometime i wonder it is ok to keep on living?
it is ok to be happy?
it is ok to do things i want to do?
if this person make a list of to do for me? what would it be ?
so many unanswered question when someone just leave you suddenly .
people said, keep on living , do it for the person.
huh??? this person is not even living 😦
should stop before it get too long . haha. dear you, if you become ghost, do come to visit me.. i miss you


7 Responses to "p.s i love you"

Haven’t they made a movie out of this book? I seem to remember seeing it somewhere…

Cis… u saw it in my blog lorr… I went and boohoo about it ma!

hahaha. yeah lor. this book sent to me by cleffairy ma..
watch the movie, don’t like it, reading it is more sad. hhuhuhu

i think departure of someone must be really independent of the life of another.. yeah, though that person might not be around, but we should always think of the bright side, and to live our lives better for the departed, is actually an idea more for a motivation.. the basic thing is, we should still carry on life with hope and happiness, which is the ultimate goal of a life.. 🙂

yeah, why take life seriously, we will not out of it alive. ehehe.. that person must be in heaven now 🙂 . we should strive for heaven too. LOL

Sobs… yalah… the movie alter a lot of things… not nice…. but the book really terrible… make you cry and laugh like a lunatic!

yeah. feel like insane coz kejap laugh , kejap cry . hehe. thanks love.

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