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lame attempt to blog about food 3.

Posted on: August 29, 2010

Since I started fasting (eating a meal a day, not typical Malay fasting), I found that I can’t eat lunch if I already have my breakfast. I usually eat 3 or more meal per day. LLOL!

And *drum roll*, I love to eat meat a lot, maybe used to *roll eyes*…
See the picture?!!!! xD

i haven’t visited the stall that sell this delicious duck+siuyuk rice for weeks now because of my fasting *cough cough* to lose weight.

p/s: support goldflower to lose weight. hahahaha
pps: will be away tomorrow, perhaps thats why i blog a lot today. hahaha. now i am out. peace!


12 Responses to "lame attempt to blog about food 3."

Yum! Yum! How much is a plate like that where you are?

that one is rm4.7 . its famous here. everyday lunch time have people queuing for it. 😉

Hey, now i know you like KPop, who is your fav,,,,,,,,,,,mine is Turtle, too bad the fat guy died already,,,

i like 2am, the ballad group. hehe.ohh turtle, i dunno of him but yeah too bad i don’t have chance to know him before he died. maybe will google about it later.. oh, i actually prefer korean variety show then their song lor. xD

wah, where is this place?? the roast duck and roast pork looks superbly delicious lor.. so you going “fasting”, errr, finish this plate of rice first lah~~ 😀

haha, this picture taken long time ago, not recent one. need fasting to lose weight. hahaha

U wanna loose weight? Just give me some of ur extra fat. I’m just 34kg. Seriously. Need more fats!

haha, i sell u lah, one kg rm10000000 xD. LOLOLOL

I like siu yok also le… but usually I wont eat the fats, haha, only wallop the meat, less oil ma *self convice*

>.< eating siu yok without fats is not truly eating siu yok. i wallop all. hahaha

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