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yesterday i went to secret recipe to try durian cheesecake. its seriously delish and i really have to restrain myself from ordering another slice. xD

i grab the photo from here
yesterday i am too busy walloping and took no picture. haha. will post the cake from SR that we had eaten the other day, maybe on next post.

for now. i am missing durian cheese cake. i think i might drop by later.
lets go to secret recipe N BURN hole in the pocket everyone. hehe

here i am, at secret recipe again. if i come here daily, i am sure my size will double or triple soon and then i won’t be able to walk through the door *gasp*

there is a group of people sitting nearby me talking so loudly.
the guy A : last year i earn 1.5billion malaysia .
the other: *in awe*

tsk3… why do i feel as if he is bragging eh ? i think now he is promoting something to his friends, maybe it is something about becoming member like the what kind business.

AND they still talk loudly as if this place is theirs.
i think if you really earn that much, you don’t have to sit in secret recipe for hours lah. go find other 5 star place to talk about your wealth. aHAHAHAHAHAA

P/S: i am contemplating whether i should order another slice of cake. mwahahahah

oh i won’t be able to blog regularly until the internet is back to normal
i miss commenting and reading other blogs. (considering to buy a broadband too)
oh well.
by the way … anyone taste the durian durian cake at secret recipe ?
*i still don’t have time to upload my own picture, so steal it from here
its delish … but i am wondering where the hell they have the durian to make durian durian cake. i am hunting for durian but see none. i am so sad.

i saw the durian cheese cake the other day but ehhh… too full to eat another cake..
i think secret recipe tea time special promotion is doing damage to my diet >.<

you know why ?

because i ate 5 slice of cake in secret recipe in two days. ( not eating all of it alone, but with someone special. haahaha)
but still i ate too much cake and my diet plan failed. boohoooo… i want to sue secret recipe lololol. joking

internet still die, and without me knowing my blog dying too. LOLOL. lame joke. ish…
the cyber cafe owner must be happy because have me as customer. tsk…

so i want to kepoh here…
my friend’s sister married today. its should be a happy news right ?
the bride nearly reduce to tears because her mother refuse to attend and her father is late for the wedding. *sigh*
her mother against the marriage because she think the guy is not rich enough. (of course not rich, as a teacher, won’t be rich right?)

but i don’t understand lah. if it is your daughter happiness, why are you against it ?
do you really think that material thing grant happiness ?
i maybe only live here for 23 years but i know that…
there is thing money can’t buy.
that is love….

congratulation for your marriage.

p/s: i tried durian mooncake, chocolate mooncake and green tea mooncake, but i forgot to take the picture 😦 ( jealous? hahahha)

i don’t know what happen to the streamyx, it didn’t want to connect at all. tsk3. so i will be away until internet is back to normal.

starting tomorrow is holiday. yipeeee..

happy holiday to those holidaying. ah, so not in mood to blog because not using own laptop. *excuses*

now i want to go bloghopping… hehehe . hop away

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