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i am missing because..

Posted on: September 2, 2010

i don’t know what happen to the streamyx, it didn’t want to connect at all. tsk3. so i will be away until internet is back to normal.

starting tomorrow is holiday. yipeeee..

happy holiday to those holidaying. ah, so not in mood to blog because not using own laptop. *excuses*

now i want to go bloghopping… hehehe . hop away


11 Responses to "i am missing because.."

streamyx not working?? did you call them up to complain?? because from their ad, you must scold them loud before they will get into action immediately, waiting is no cure leh~~ :p

my housemate already complain with the house owner. ( i rent a room here), the house owner probably havent hv time to solve the problem. LOL!. internet still down . huuhuh

No wonder… I thought you “throw stones” (buang batu) already, dun want to drop by my blog anymore. Hehehehehe!

no la, will drop by daily at 5am to check when u make surprise if got internet kakaka

Streamyx sometimes make people so frustation one. Btw, don’t forget to hop over ya! Happy Holiday to you.

will hop over. hehe. enjoy ur holiday too!

Thats why I used Celcom broadband..but sometimes do slow too. By the way, Happy weekend

hpy weekend too!. lol. broaband.. i myt consider get one… huhu

Sometimes, we just have to be patient… >.<

Enjoy your holidays!

happy holiday!!hehe..

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