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oh my poor neglected blog..

Posted on: September 8, 2010

internet still die, and without me knowing my blog dying too. LOLOL. lame joke. ish…
the cyber cafe owner must be happy because have me as customer. tsk…

so i want to kepoh here…
my friend’s sister married today. its should be a happy news right ?
the bride nearly reduce to tears because her mother refuse to attend and her father is late for the wedding. *sigh*
her mother against the marriage because she think the guy is not rich enough. (of course not rich, as a teacher, won’t be rich right?)

but i don’t understand lah. if it is your daughter happiness, why are you against it ?
do you really think that material thing grant happiness ?
i maybe only live here for 23 years but i know that…
there is thing money can’t buy.
that is love….

congratulation for your marriage.

p/s: i tried durian mooncake, chocolate mooncake and green tea mooncake, but i forgot to take the picture 😦 ( jealous? hahahha)


10 Responses to "oh my poor neglected blog.."

Ya…I’m a teacher too – not rich…but would not starve to death. Gee! Does this kind of parents still exist in this world? Duh!!!

yeah, teacher lead a decent life lah. but her mum want a husband who have lot of lands and houses. oh well, materialistic people always exist in this world. no?

wow! you have taken so many difference types of mooncakes, envy. I like moon cakes, but I don’t dare to take much.

hehehehe. i am not health conscious at all. LOL!. i can take as many as i afford. hahaha

Hmm.. if both the couples love each other sincerely, I think nothing should comes between them…

yeah lets hope all couples last forever! lol

i think slowly the mother will change her perception as she sees her daughter living better and better, happier and happier..

yeah let hope so… i keep telling my friend her mum will change one day but she believe me not@_@

Mony cant buy happiness..why this mentality still stick strong?

because money can buy a lot of other thing like status, power, fame, air muka … some people just don’t believe in happiness and love

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