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durian where are you ?

Posted on: September 16, 2010

oh i won’t be able to blog regularly until the internet is back to normal
i miss commenting and reading other blogs. (considering to buy a broadband too)
oh well.
by the way … anyone taste the durian durian cake at secret recipe ?
*i still don’t have time to upload my own picture, so steal it from here
its delish … but i am wondering where the hell they have the durian to make durian durian cake. i am hunting for durian but see none. i am so sad.

i saw the durian cheese cake the other day but ehhh… too full to eat another cake..
i think secret recipe tea time special promotion is doing damage to my diet >.<

you know why ?

because i ate 5 slice of cake in secret recipe in two days. ( not eating all of it alone, but with someone special. haahaha)
but still i ate too much cake and my diet plan failed. boohoooo… i want to sue secret recipe lololol. joking


5 Responses to "durian where are you ?"

I had that at SR in Sg Petani. Heavenly! Had it twice already… We do not have that in Sibu, just the durian cheese…but I have had enough of cheesecakes to last a lifetime. Not a fan any longer…

oh, hahaha, i am havng blackforest cheesecake at SR now.lolol. maybe japanese cheesecaKE will suit you better. 🙂

Hmm, I’m not a fan of durians. I remember I used to like it when I was a kid, but definetely not now… =_=

oh why ? too much durian when u r kid? lol

I love durian. The cake definitely looked tempting to me. Especially this hour.

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