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i maybe won’t blog much.

Posted on: October 3, 2010

first, because i am not good with word. my grammar sucks, my word don’t flow. i cringed reading my writing. hah! LOL!

second, i am just way too lazy to blog.

third, i don’t know what the direction of my blog. oh by the way i love seeing mother’s blog. maybe one fine day if i have baby/babies i will turn this to mummy blog. LOL

fourth, i think i will just rant endlessly if i do blog. because i mainly feel the urge to blog when i feel want to whine. hahaha. that is bad because every time you accidentally come to my blog you might feel like some positive energy have been sucked by my negative post.

fifth, now go to the main reason why i blog today. i want to rant. LOL
*skipped if you don’t want your positive energy being sucked away*

why do i feel like i am always the ear to hear those people complaining? complain about their job (get over it, if your job suck so much just quit and do something you love)
complain about your dad and mum ( sincerely, you think too much because i don’t know i don’t think it is that bad, your older sister manage to get married despite your parents not really agree, so why are you like so headache my dad and mum want money so i can’t get married etc. i sincerely think you are magnifying things. your sister do it and haven’t been disowned why you think you will?)
complain about house mates ( if you really can’t stand her until you have to complain daily, just moved out, someone forcing you to stay ?)

and my complain is: it seems like the only reason for you to message me is to complain and not asking about me or even maybe slightest interest. i am done. i want to hear no more.

end of my rant. and bye bye wordpress. (maybe not for long because will be back for more


14 Responses to "i maybe won’t blog much."

Oh what happen? Hmm, sometimes I’ll have such thinking also, I called it ‘Temporary Emotion’, LOL 😀 Just dont feel like blogging.. But will tell myself not to give up blogging..

You have a nice day~

hv a nice day too! i just no mood and don’t feel like blogging to rant only. LOL.. later look like whiny person. ish3

I understand you. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us also. Some people just like others to listen to them, but they are not keen on listening to others in return. This is not a good two ways relationship.

yeah not really healthy. and recently i lost a friend because i told her i can’t stand anymore everyday she come to me to say die lah, this la that la, and call me to complain etc. i asked her is that all i worth to you ? a place to complain? le sigh

I blog whenever I like too. Blog direction? I dont have specific one but I shared whatever I think or ready to share. Sometimes lazy..yes. My grammar are too suck too but I believe the more we write, we are in the journey to rectified and beautified it. Sometimes I complain, burst out, feel down, feel happy..thats me hehehe..

hehe. i enjoy music in your blog but i don’t know how to that in my blog,wordpress and blogspot is not the same. heheheh. yeah, but it will be bad if i only want to blog when i burst out. this blog will be so much negativity… and i don’t like negative blog/ or people.LOL

Writer’s block ke? Nvm… take a break, take a kit kat… dowan blog nvm, see me online can bitch la.

hahah c1n1, sure if talk to u ,can umpat puas2. LOL

If all the reasons you stated, i think dear, you should blog more and more and more… dont worry about words,, write from the inside,, we are not trying to impress others but to rant out what’s inside of us… hahahahahah right?

don’t worry you have a bunch of us to support you,,,,,,really one

aww feelng touched . hehehehe. *hugs*. thanks. den later if i blog and rant daily, dun slap forehead ar. LOL

It’s ok…just pour it all out. We’re all here for you…with our two cents’ worth of advice…never mind your English, not sitting for exam here. That’s one reason why some people blog – to vent out their frustrations – good for mental health!

hahaha, and also good for mental health too if we think positive and be grateful instead of thinking negative and rant and rant. thanks stp. feeling touched too *hugs*

Aww, take a break for now, sweetie. When your blogging-mode gradually returns, you’ll have to pull the brake to stop blogging! One blog can make a different (just like your header).

Btw, I see you’ve got 2 more posts on top of this… that’s a good sign *wink*

*wink*. hehehe. later i blog nonstop and complain non stop all headache to read. LOL

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