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at first i don’t believe her.

Posted on: October 4, 2010

so i google it. waaaaa… its true. there is few videos out there about the cat that can flush toilet. waaaaaaaaaaa….. why the cat in my house can’t do this ? it would be so cool!

i used to want to have dog but not cat, but now, i think i will give a cat that can flush toilet a chance. oh maybe i should google about dog flushing toilet too. LOL

toilet flushing obsession eh ? *slap forehead*

but i wouldn’t want a cat below. it will cause my water bill skyrocketed. ish3..

and for those who want to toilet train the cat, mybe this video will help. haha


5 Responses to "at first i don’t believe her."

Don’t like cats…no dogs! Never mind, can flush toilets or not. LOL!!

*nor dogs

LOL. cats and dogs are adorable. guess your heart have no place for cats and dogs liao coz been filled with your daughter and your missus. heheheh

I only have fishes at home. I have no cat and no dog too. About the juice recipe book, we bought it from MPH, but it was in Chinese.

oih no!. i read no chinese huhuhuh. im very interested in the juice recipe . hehehe. maybe one day cn find english book one. saw ur fishes picture. nice! maybe i will hv fishes, dogs, cats, etc2 when i own a

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