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the best bak kut teh in town!

Posted on: October 11, 2010

if you ever drop by the cowboy town which i currently live, you should not miss this bak kut teh. (but if you are from klang, then of course this one not nice lor)

this bak kut teh is yummy. its have few decade long history here and known as the most delicious bak kut teh here. taste ok, better than i taste elsewhere ( but i never try klang bak kut teh 😦 )

few days ago stp uncle talk about bak kut teh, and make me dream about this evry night 😦

now have to wait boyfriend to come back from the singapore to go eat because can’t bring malay friend there. LOL. and also the chinese i knew said she is from KL, KL people only eat western food. *roll eyes*. kekekeke. and go out with my guy friends will make my boyfriend jealous. haih. so lonely no one accompany me to eat bak kut teh, eat alone so meaningless, everything taste plain . haish. sigh sigh sigh……


7 Responses to "the best bak kut teh in town!"

Where? Where’s the cowboy town? Wah…your BF working in Singapore kah? Must be very rich then… Wink! Wink!

at tg malim, the universiti pendidikan sultan idris there. LOL. no la, no money oso, if got money, cham lor he kena kikis me. hahahaha

Where is the cowboy town?
Claypot bak kut teh is always the best compared to those normal ones.. hehe..

oh is there “normal” one, i know nothing about it. hehehe,. i only try bak kut teh twice or maybe three or four time my whole life. haha

wah, two very weird statement in your post leh..

1. people not from klang thinks the BKT is nice, people from klang will not thing the BKT is nice??

2. KL people only eat western food??!!

for the first statement: my friend who always went to klang for bak kut teh said the bak kut teh here not nice lor. so i think the klang one must be super duper nice eh ?

for the second statement : that word come from her mouth leh, she ask me what to eat, and i said got the chinese restaurant sell this so good, she said she n her friend from kl, only know to eat western food, wont eat that kind of food lor. hahahaha

Hehehe, your statement is really funny. I tried Klang bakuteh, the taste is so-so, maybe I went to the wrong shop? I know one shop somewhere in Sg Buluh sells bakuteh, which its soup is clear & transparent. Not the usual dark color one, very delicious!

Btw, I too wonder where is cowboy tow?

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