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i am a silent reader

Posted on: October 25, 2010

i changed two post to password protected because i feel sort of guilty mengumpat others . kekekeke

i really out of idea what to blog you know. blog about food but i ate nasi campur daily, or cup noodles and boiled eggs(yuck!). and i been dreaming daily about prawn (all stp fault) and crab (all small kucing fault). but as a student with limited money , aisssshhh. i can only taste them in my dream.

blog about books, i don’t read much and have lack of confidence to write a review, yunno, i am not a writer, i can’t say a book is not good. LOL. they put in their effort so nevertheless all book is good, same goes to food , music etc etc. ( my dad said, said good thing about all thing)

blog about music? i listened to kpop! nuff said. LOL.

i do read all your blog. but i become sort of silent reader. i comment sometimes, i don’t comment the other times.

i have monster in life that i need to deal with, so till then .. i will come back again and . um, if booksneeze approve mine, and the book arrive , i will blog about book review. mwahahahaha.

i read a book recommend by smallkucing. uhhh!! that book make me sick in the stomach that i feel like vomiting. i still feel so upset now over that book, and my eyes hurt from crying 😦


6 Responses to "i am a silent reader"

So long already that post, baru want to have it password-protected. Adoi…me get the blame pula for your craving for prawns. LOL!!! Yes…yes…do keep dropping by my blog! C ya!!!

haha, coz my blog actually non of my real life friend know leh. but then afraid they will find out. and then not good. lol

and mengumpat not good also. me feel guilty. (ceh,right o not?)

of course u get the blame T_T warning first if got more prawn post. i wont go see that

I understand how you feel, sometimes really running outta ideas of what to blog.. but at the same times, feeling ‘guilty’ abandone the blog, LOL…
Anyway, stay positive and have a nice day!

i think im just lazy. lol. hehehe. but i enjoy all ur blogs. keep blogging.!

Sometimes I run out of idea on what to blog. Sometimes the ideas come non-stop and I have limited time. Nevertheless, do whatever you feel comfortable because this is your blog.

You can write about the variety of nasi campur you have daily, or your dream of crabs and prawns and handsome princes. I read all of them, ya know 😉

hahaha, handsome princes! *drool*
dun blame me if i start to post handsome picture all thetime. LOL!

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