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i do crazy thing today.

Posted on: October 26, 2010

i feel too sad, have been crying non stop since yesterday due to a call. LOL

teenager can be so dramatic. ( well, as long as i am not married i am a teenager. LOL)

and the crazy thing i do today, i went to the government hospital emergency unit ( because others closed already since is already pass 6pm)

i went in to the registration counter asking him.

can u please give me some antidepressant ?

LOL. the look on his face is priceless.

he said there is no such medicine in emergency unit and advice me to be patient and come tomorrow morning. i must give him a shock. i am sorry.

its make me realize sometimes bad thing happen to you, you feel victimized, and you keep acting like a victim. how do people around you have to do ? they are being victimized by you because you act like victim. let bygone be bygone. easier than said but no harm in trying.

LOL. i will see whether i will go to hospital tomorrow… i think i can cope. i am strong woman btw. i will survive!

p/s: sorry for depressing post. i am feeling better, i think the look on his face is kind of anti depressant to me. thanks for your kind word. πŸ™‚ whoever you are. you are not wearing name tag so i don’t know your name 😦


11 Responses to "i do crazy thing today."

No good taking medicine. Pray…meditate, relax…go out and have fun, make friends, drink green tea…or as a last resort, turn to herbal alternatives – Passion flower or St John’s Wort e.g. Should be available at places like Guardian.

yeah i know. i stop crying since i come back from hospital. i think his look is anti depressant to me. LOL. i am just being dramatic.

Ya,, no good take medicine,, just remember life has its ups and downs, we too have our limit in shouldering the burdens, when the burdens are too big, please don’t try carrying it yourself, pray for the Good Lord for help, he will always be there for you,, remember that..

i too can be depressed sometimes, but it is ok, it makes me stronger with the help from God,, ok dear,,

just remember it is ok if life treats us bad sometimes,, it is the way we learn to be stronger,,,,take care now

love and cares from uncle eugene

yeah, life is a continuous lesson to learn. thanks for your kind word uncle eugene. heheh

LOL, you sure shocked the counter guy πŸ˜›
Hope you’re doing fine today πŸ˜‰ Dont worry, human beings are full with emotion changes.. Just as long as you dont do anything harmful or stupid to yourself..
Take care there! ^^

yeah im fine now, i dun even go back the next day. i just being too emo. you take care too!

Glad that a stranger able to lift up your depressed mood ! Life is just full of excitement. Enjoy while you still can…….

yeap . live is an adventure. heheheh

LOL, the best antidepressent is to visit a themepark, take the most exciting reller coaster ride and SCREECH! πŸ™‚

uh oh, that one will make me more depressed coz i will puke non stop. LOL!

typo error: *roller

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