One life can make a difference

does anybody see her ?

Posted on: October 31, 2010

i love this song. stumble it on youtube today.
though it is a christian song.but well… this song is about not being judgmental to others.

some people …
need compassion
need understanding
need love
need forgiveness
need to be hear
need to be care
oh. i think not some people. but all people

the person that stand out most in my life is my uncle. he know my secret he hear me and he don’t judge or try to belittle me.

he always said thanks for trusting me enough to tell me and give me advices. i am glad that i found quite a few who see me in life, who care bout my feeling, who will really be sad if i am dead.

those people in my life make life worth living.


10 Responses to "does anybody see her ?"

Very true indeed…very very true!

Hmm, meaningful song…
We need to appreciate people around us.. I’m sure you’ll do the same to your uncle too đŸ˜‰

yeah im trying to. lol . and try to be caring and not judgmental like him too

“those people in my life make life worth living” – that’s include yourself too đŸ™‚

It’s absolutely true that everybody need all the above mentioned. We are not meant to live our life alone.

thanks you are so sweet.
yeah, we are meant to live in community đŸ™‚

We have to learn to be grateful to everything and everyone in the world, and thus to be a happy person.

yes, the happiest person is not the one with most possession, but the one with most love.

Couldn’t agree more! What humanbeing need most are the sense of being needed and appreciation from others!:)

yeap. thats why we married and hv kid too. bcoz we will be needed as wife and mother. hehehe.

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