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wrong love actually

Posted on: November 1, 2010

if you love your woman would you said to her.

you are cheaper than whore and you sleep with every guy !

just because i do have other guy friend even before she start to date you ?

i feel so ashamed to go out with you i think everyone is laughing at me because i go out with someone as ugly as you

and etc hurtful word that come out from his mouth. he would even bring GOD into it when he manipulatory want something he can’t get.

even GOD allow love to make love, you are now even annoying GOD because you refuse to do it with me !

and all the tantrum he throw just because he think you wronged him and when you have enough and want to call a quit.

i would kill myself and my family would blame you forever for causing me death.

and when you try to throw it back at him and said you would kill yourself, he would said

yeah you should kill yourself because even trash is better than you

because i was young and naive, i stay with him for 5 year praying hoping every night that he will dump me, tip toeing when around him afraid he will be angry and try my best to avoid private place meet in public place so he will avoid pressuring me into “making love”

it is wrong love actually, its really is a mental abuse that cause great loss to my self esteem .

and lately he is back , contacting me telling how sorry he was for dumping me. said his mother is thinking of me and sick. said that his now wife can’t even cook rice and miss my cooking.

he is acting as if he is nice man now, but i think human just don’t change, those narcissist will act you should be thankful that now they are contacting you.

yesterday i send sms to him and said i forgive you for everything you done and i ask forgiveness for all the wrong you think i have done to you. and till here , this is last time i sms you.

i learn to appreciate my now boyfriend better . he is my “bai ma wong ji” prince in white horse eh..?


14 Responses to "wrong love actually"

You did a right thing!!..

well, im glad im not v him now. maybe we r just not compatible coz i dun take harsh word witout getting hurt

Sorry for your wrong and sad affection. Don’t think of the past anymore. Since you have found your Mr. Right, please be grateful and live happily ever after.

hvnt been thinking bout him but he contacting me invoke some unpleasant memory

You stumble upon “shit” some part of our life,it is ok, if you know how to clean off the “shit” that glued to your feet, it is really ok and fine but if you continue to walk on with the “shit” hoping that it will drop off by itself,then you have got no one to blame if you have to put up with the “shit” stench,right?

all the best to you,,

yeah im cleaning the shit by cutting contact. LOL

Agree with Yan, forget the past, and live today.
Take care now…

A man who treat his lady such way is lower than trash. He’s a single cell organism and doesn’t has brain and heart to earn a woman’s love. You’ve made a right choice to move on. Glad you have remove him completely from your life. He doesn’t deserve you.

hm , i think narcissist man really think highly on themselves so they want their girlfriend to be perfect. but no one perfect so the criticism . he is married now, so i think he surely find someone compatible. he just not compatible with me. 🙂

Men who treat women this way have some psychological issues – maybe low self-esteem, an abused childhood… Should go and see a psychiatrist and I wonder why any self-respecting woman would want to stick to them??? There are many in such a situation. Money? Sex?

he did told me that people betray him and his family hate him etc. i would say i stick with him probably because i grew up seeing my dad treat my mum such way. so sumhow i knew i will walk the same path. well he save me by dumping me. don’t u think ? LOL

😉 Smart girl, you have learn a lesson from the past and now you really know what is best for you!^-^

i would have him to thanks . LOL

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