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the present

Posted on: November 2, 2010

The present.
You already know
What the present is

You already know
Where to find it

And you already know
How it can make you
Happy and successful

You knew it best when you were younger

You have simply forgotten

Even in the most
Difficult situations,

When you focus on
What is right
In the present moment,
It makes you happier,

And gives you the needed
Energy and confidence
To deal with
What is wrong.

Being in the present means
Tuning out distractions

And paying attention to
What is important , now.

You create your own present
By what you give
Your attention to.

It is hard to
Let go of the past
If you have not learned
From the past.

As soon as you
Learn and let go
You improve the present.
Anytime you are
Unhappy in the present
Or feeling unsuccessful,

It is time to learn from the past
Or plan for the future.
Look at what happened
In the past.

Learn something valuable from it.

Use what you learn
To improve the present.
You cannot change the past,
But you can learn from it.

When the same situation arises,
You can do things differently
And enjoy
A more successful present.
No one can predict
Or control the future.

However, the more you plan
For what you want to see happen,

The less anxious you are
In the present,

And the more the future
Is known to you.
Picture what a wonderful future
Would be like

Create a realistic plan
To help it happen

Put your plan into action
In the present.
How you respond
Depends upon your purpose.

When you want to be happy
And more successful
It is time to be
In the present moment.

When you want the present
To be better than the past
It is time to learn from the past

When you want the future
To be better than the present
It is time to plan for the future.
When you live and
Work with purpose,

And respond to
What is important now,

You are more able to
Lead, manage, support,
Befriend, and love.
Success is becoming who you
Are capable of being

And progressing toward
Worthwhile goals.

Each of us defines for ourselves
What it means
To be successful.

i read this book long ago, and this quote from the book is awesome!


10 Responses to "the present"

Very true…but unfortunately, most people never learn and history keeps repeating itself.

and some people learn and then forget. n history repeating itself again. lol

The quotes are inspiring 😉
Thanks for sharing!

yep its inspired me. welcome`

Hehe… my present is to treasure my 2 little ‘presents’ and live my life to the fullness!

Hi, thanks for dropping by My Little Sprouts, wishing you a great day!^-^

yeAH, ur two little children is the greatest present of all. though im not yet married, i so love mummy blog. lol. will be dropping by again for sure

Plan for the future – something that I have to learn. Not that I don’t plan for it, but not everything that I plan will happen. There are lots of things that I don’t plan but happen. So I guess I’m more a person learn from the past. 🙂

im the same too. maybe i still hvnt learn enuff from the past n need to keep learning. hehehe

Thanks for sharing those very meaningful quotes.

Another positive quote by Bil Keane:
Yesterday is the past,
Tomorrow is the future,
Today is a gift….
That’s why it’s call the present.

welcome :). i love the quotes too. its meaningful and inspiring

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