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i am now rereading why forgive .

Posted on: November 3, 2010

i reread this book because i don’t want to be a bitter person like in this quote from the book O.o

We all know bitter people. They have an amazing memory for the tiniest detail, and they wallow in self pity and resentment. They catalog every offense and are always ready to show others how much they have been hurt. On the outside they may appear to be calm and composed, but inside they are about to burst with pent-up feelings.

Bitter people defend their grudges constantly: they feel that they have been hurt too deeply and too often, and that this exempts them from the need to forgive. But it is just these people who need to forgive most of all. Their hearts are sometimes so full of rancor that they no longer have the capacity to love.

like its said in the cover of this book, tear often impede reading. i remember sobbing reading this at night. its a good read. anyone want to read it can read it here.

i read this years ago and now i seriously need to soften my heart ( that become harden because of grudges). the story of other people act of forgiveness will open your eyes and make you realized forgiveness is not impossible, and often forgiveness is a selfish act, it free ourselves and give us peace!


8 Responses to "i am now rereading why forgive ."

Well, seems like a good book and applicable to our life…
Thanks for sharing 😉
Have a nice day!

applicable if we hv hard time forgiving. hehehe. u hv a nice day too 🙂

Thanks for sharing! We have a little bitter people at home too, my girl… she remember every single details who ever ‘bullied’ her and bear grudges even since she was barely 1 and a half year old, she was once punished by my SIL and till now, she refuses to invit her to her birthday party.:p

maybe u shud ask ur sil to ask her forgiveness. hehehe. sometimes we cnt forgive until someone ask for it. lol. well children same like adult, dun like to b punish. heheh

I’m lazy to read. But this book looks like a good one.

In the bible, Jesus said we must forgive 7 X 77 times…but of course, we’re not expected to count. He meant we must forgive all the time. I think if we do not, the anger and hate in us will eat into us…and destroy us and our own lives. In the end, we ourselves suffer…

yeah, FORGIVENESS SET US FREE, its a selfish act 🙂

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