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the handsome guy at the kfc.

Posted on: November 3, 2010

i went to kfc for this set.

i always love cheesy wedges . at first want to order cheesy wedges only… but then i never try chicken nugget so i thought why don’t i give it a try.

so i order, then the handsome guy ask me to wait because the chicken nugget finish, need to fry lor. so i wait…

then , its done and i get my chicken nugget. and to my surprise, he said he add two more chicken nugget for me and sorry for being late.

waaaa.. so i have 6 pieces of chicken nugget instead of 4pieces.
if like this hor, nevermind if you are a bit late, i can always wait for few minutes. hahaha.

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11 Responses to "the handsome guy at the kfc."

What a lucky day for you! Can see handsome guy and have 2 additional nuggets. So worthy.

yeah, i totally didn’t mind waiting for few minute. can ogle him and get 2 free nuggets. hahahah. i sound so naughty now =_=

Where whre where?!! Which outlet? I’m bound to meet tht handsome guy and get some free nuggets! LOL… just kidding!

High 5, I always love cheesy wedges, indeed I love anything to go with cheese!^-^

tg malim kfc. LOL. come come. hehehe. *hi 5 back*, me too i love anything cheesy too, include cheesy word. *pengsan*

You’re in Tg Malim? You’re studying in UPSI kah?

wah…such a good buy. hahaha…… and and can see handsome guy somemore. Sure that meal tasted a lot sweeter. hahaha

I love cheezy wedges too. So delicious.

yeah so delicious i can have it day in day out. hehehe. yeah its a good buy i dont mind to wait for few minutes. lol

sobs…why tarak handsome guy give me extra nugget geh đŸ˜¦

LOL, your handsome guy ( ur hubby) always feed you crab liao. better than nugget. =_=

Wah!!! Wait till your BF finds out!!! LOL!!!

well, Im sure he ogling beautiful Singaporean girl too. LOL!
n yeah im at upsi

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