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sinful indulgence

Posted on: November 4, 2010

i can’t resist temptation anymore and i succumb to temptation. i went to dapao two roti canai >.<

*pic from google, i snap picture but dunno where the hp cable went . haha

i remember my friend said, if eat one slice roti canai, you have to run two round at running track to burn all the calories.
oh i would be running 4 round at running track equivalent to 400m darab 4 in my dream later! LOL

p/s: apart from roti canai, i also dapao and eat other not to be name from the mamak. huhuhu, my diet plan = fail!


12 Responses to "sinful indulgence"

Hehe… tmw have roti kosong and plain water for lunch will do!;p

plain water not syiokk. must have cup of hot milo to go down with 😉

Nevermind. Eat first, exercise later. 🙂

p/s Thanks for visiting my blog. Added you to my blogroll oredi.

the problem is eat first, and no exercise lo. hehehe

haiyah, once in a while still OK lah, don’t feel guilty at all or else life is really so miserable without all these nice food right??

feel guilty coz take it late at night. LOL!. cnt digest it liao. if taken in morning, still cn digest. hahaha

hmmm, before eating you can actually take a piece of kitchen paper, put on top of the roti then press out excessive oil first lor, smart?? hehe~~

erkkk~ no oil=not roti canai. LOLOL

I like roti canai also! My favourite is roti telur, simple yet so delicious~

i prefer roti canai telur too, but ytd tapau roti canai kosong. faster dun hv to wait lor. heheh

the more u diet the worse it gets…come la KL…we got eat C.R.A.B

haha, yeah, the more i feel guilty the more i eat, sure will go to KL when my money enough. LOL

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