One life can make a difference

act of forgiveness.

Posted on: November 5, 2010

Christian de Chergé, the Algerian monastery, had a strange premonition that he would soon die a violent death, and wrote a letter forgiving his future assassins. He sealed the letter and left it with his mother in France. Opened only after his murder, it read in part:

If it should happen one day – and it could be today –that I become a victim of the terrorism that now seems to encompass all the foreigners living in Algeria, I would like my community, my church, my family, to remember that my life was given to God and to Algeria; and that they accept that the sole Master of all life was not a stranger to this brutal departure.I would like, when the time comes, to have a space of clearness that would allow me to beg forgiveness of God and of my fellow human beings, and at the same time to forgive with all my heart the one who will strike me down.

from the book why forgive
its very inspiring , and hope you all feel the same too.
hope we can all learn to forgive, and want to forgive all the time.

p/s: been blogging about forgiveness a lot because i am learning to forgive 🙂 do you hold grudges to anyone ? have you be able to forgive?


6 Responses to "act of forgiveness."

Hey, thanks for your comment and your drop by. I loved your blog and I will follow you. Pls do so too.

I’m a person who really hard to forgive the other side. I just won’t talk to the other person anymore until the person gives in.

Letting go of the relationship make me to have less grudges against the person.

i added u in blogroll too ^^
well, i hv the same problem. but i try to change bcoz being angry make me tired,heheh

Unforgiveness is not worth one’s time and effort. The act of forgiveness will cost you something. But it’s worth it And it’s for one’s own good.

yeah, i am trying to pujuk my heart to forgive. hehehe

I hardly hold grudge to anyone, as I’m the direct kind of people that will speak out my mind ‘really loud’ if I’m not happy with anyone… then the next moment after I swear and express my feeling, I’ll no longer keep it in my heart!

My mom used to tell me, ” Our hearts are too small to bear grudges, we should keep some nice memory instead!”^-^

im the type who keep it inside so that why lor. yeah definitely agree with what ur mum said

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