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my world would be perfect if nickhun kiss victoria. LOL

Posted on: November 5, 2010

uh! what u want to do ?!

oh blushed! LOL

fun fact:
the gif is fanmade of a different reenactment of the beach scene from the laTEST episode

khuntoria is virtual married couple, a korean variety show called “we got married”
they are dubbed international couple because khun from thailand, and toria from china. both is in idol group in korea.
anyone watching them too ?
i am totally fan and hope they date in real life! i give a link if anyone want to watch. LOL
khuntoria eng sub ep19

an eng subbed cut from strong heart. nikchun talk about his virtual marriage!

p/s: apart from running man, i totally watch this too. 😉


6 Responses to "my world would be perfect if nickhun kiss victoria. LOL"

tarak follow 😦

hehehe. maybe u can try to follow. lol. i like it. but i know not all like it too!

Oh, I dint know got this movie..
the animation is cute 😉

its not a movie. its a reality show (?)
kind of. yeah animation is cute!

I like the animation! Virtual marriage sounds interesting…

yeah i like it too! virtual marriage would be interesting with beautiful couple of course

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