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i will be on hiatus

Posted on: November 7, 2010

i need to concentrate for final

so i might not be able to visit blog as often as i like

and i will be off from blogging (unless i need to rant)

wish me luck

thanks for those who comments on my (forgiveness) post.

still learning, its getting easier each day

take care all. be back after final.

that would be on December!


actually i try to blog daily but seems like my plan is postpone.

after final i will try to blog daily and upload picca. hopefully

take care everyone.


9 Responses to "i will be on hiatus"

All the best to you!
Take care!

You just concenstrate in your final, and I am waiting for you to be back. Good luck to you.

Ok…we’ll be here waiting! Good luck, hope you will sail through with flying colours. God bless!

Gogo… study. 😀 Good luck, all the best. 😀

hehe, hopefully you can fully concentrate on your studies and won’t secretly blogging.. all the best anyway~~ :p

Keep well and take care!^-^

good luck in your finals. Must concentrate on it first. Blog can wait ;D

thank you all two more paper to go. hahaha. should off now.

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