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birthday celebration!

Posted on: November 12, 2010

today is my boyfriend birthday.

3 more day would be mine.

on nov11, he come to KL to meet me there for our birthday celebration.

we love to eat, and eat all the time.

start from the morning , we eat

and also endless coffee before we been off to times square. probably because of the walk, we feel like eating again. and we go to subway! my first time there!

its taste heaven.

we join the 12-3pm mcdonald from rm5.95 rush too later

and ate this

then i complained about i haven’t eat rice today. i can’t live without rice! so we off to penang village

and ate nasi lemak penang.

seriously not impressed and i don’t think i will visit there again.

we off to watching megamind 3d

its hilarious and a must watch, you wont regret it.

lastly we have dinner before we going back.

i forgot the restaurant name. but we have pork rib with radish rice before part way.

we skip cake , because we are too full for cake. he bought me a magazine. maybe thats my birthday present. LOL. he wanted to buy handphone for me but i don’t want to waste his money. better waste the money for food.

i didn’t take any pic because left my handphone at home =( should seriously buy a camera.

this is lazy post . i afraid i would forget one day so i note it down

happy birthday to the bai ma wong ji (prince on white horse) in my life.

p/s: sorry  for not visitng blog,will do that as soon as im free


23 Responses to "birthday celebration!"

haha, looks like you both love fastfood?? aiyah, why not go KFC for dinner?? else you’d have completed the fastfood “grand slam” that day~~ 😀

hahaha. sick of kfc jor. yeah love fast food but aiyah, need to cut down. will go hunt healthy food . LOL!

Yummy food!

hehehe. fast food is yummy but not the nasi lemak.

Looks like foodie-day to me 😀
I’m a rice-barrel too, can’t live a day without rice. That nasi penang looks nice although you don’t recommend it.

I’ve watched Megamind and it’s hilarious. I’ve fallen in love with Bernard – he’s so cute 🙂

hehehe.yeah becoz we both fat, need lot of food. LOL!
oh the nasi penang not nice for me, i personally don’t really like nasi lemak. maybe if you like nasi lemak you will like it ?
yeah the megamind is hilarious!

Being ur boyfriend have to exercise more haha.

hahaha. i think so too!> not only him. i need to exercise

Happy belated Birthday to you! I should hve visit your post earlier, now I missed to wish you on your borthday liao!:-)

I can see you have spent quality time with your bf, kep well and have fun!^-^

hehe, thaNKS its ok. better late than never right ? yeah we rarely hv time together so we try to enjoy as much as possible .

B’fast + lunch at Mc D. Should eat dinner at Mc D too. haha…

Happy belated B’day to you and your ‘white horse’. I love McD hot cakes. So yummy!

heheh i love mcd hot cakes too its yummy. my boyfriend didn’t like mcD , i don’t want to drag him to eat mcD for three meal lor. hahahah

Happy Belated Birthday to you and ur bf! Wow eating so much! 😀

hahaha, fat ppl need more food. kakakah. thanks!

Hahahahhaha… cis… always say me bad for makan-ing. U sendiri oso same! LOL!

haha, u bad becoz u dun gain weight though u eat a lot. not fair. mwahahah

The food looks yummy~
Happy belated birthday to you and your bf! (I’m so late, sorry~)
Hope you’re having a nice day!

Belated birthday greetings to your BF. Eyewww….celebrate at McD’s? Penang Village? This one at Mid Valley kah? Not nice meh? My missus and her colleagues from the hospital praising it to the skies… I guess some people have retarded tastebuds – not such discerning gourmets…

not at midvalley but times square. maybe the nasi lemak not nice but other thing is nice gua. almost full house too when we ate there. as you said
One man’s meat is another man’s poison
thanks for the wish


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