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i have a confession to make

Posted on: November 28, 2010

i love babies!!!!!

i always love to visit mommy’s blog. i love to know the pregnancy experience, i love to know how they take care of their baby/babies!

and i found that kids cheeky remark is adorable and funny! and i also envy those SAHM because they have chance to see baby grow in front of them. what a gift and blessing to be able to do that!!! πŸ˜€

oh now you might ask, when i gonna have baby/babies. oh well. i am going to say. i hope i have the chance to be mother one day!

p/s: i know i should be studying. but bloghopping and blogging can take away some tension building in the air waiting to kabooom!


16 Responses to "i have a confession to make"

Sure, sure… babies are cute. Toddlers are simply a nuisance and children are terror. Teenagers are hopeless… there u go. I dowan anymore kids. I’d die early!

hahaha. later when adrian grew up dunwan mummy liao, sure you will go give birth one. hehehe!!

Ooi…finish your studies first. Make sure you are financially secure/stable before thinking of starting a family. Making babies is easy – raising them is a major responsibility. Be a responsible parent…

LOL yes cikgu. well of course la not financially stable to have babies now and furthermore i am not married yet. LOL! i will have one when i am ready, few more years i think . but good ma get myself prepared by following mummy blog. so i know the do and dont in parenting. LOL!

Everyone loves baby!
But you’re still young, may be you should just finish your study 1st then plan for a family, πŸ˜‰

yeah i m not saying i want to hv it now. but i want it asap. LOL. ;)-

hahahah, why sudden crave for knowing pregnancy? Pregnancy to me is a choice, a choice that will affect your entire life, it is not about ” I love you and lets have babies” no no no,, it is about a very important responsibility….

so finish your study first lol,,,, hahhahhaahah…

YEAH i know! hahahaha. naahh im not hvng the i love you lets hv babies things. i just think hv children is a blessing.
yeah definitely need to do my study first. πŸ™‚

I love babies too, I like to look at babies if I saw one nearby to me. Just like Eugene said is right, the responsibility make me stop thinking of getting pregnant.

hehe , u already hv two cute princess april and princess may! πŸ™‚
i think i want two too! when i able to feed myself and spare money to feed others. heheh!

Babies are too cute and adorable to resist. I love babies likewise, but raising them is another story. It’s not about feeding or giving them shelter, I find educating them is the hardest of all. It’s good that you are starting to feed your mind with information so you’ll know when you are ready for family πŸ˜€

yeah. educating them is not easy. how to instill moral value is hard. and babies dont come with manual! i am trying to get myself knowledgeable to face the challenge in the future!

wah.. so fast motherly instinct kicks in… babies are cute but are parenthood trap, definitely lots of works, responsiblities and stress involve in raising one.. but if you dont have any baby, you will miss out those fun that only a mother can experience that.

yeah two side of coin. but i am sure the blessing outweigh all the stress and babies can help us grow too to be a better person!

Hello, just wanna say hi to you and thank you for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ Ya, babies are cute if they don’t cry, puke, poop, irritate you, disturb your sleep, give you “heart attacks”, mess up your home etc. You are still young but it’s also not wrong to dream πŸ™‚ Hope you will be blessed with many cute babies in the future!

hehee! your chloe is so cute! thanks for the wishes. hehehe. i hope so one day i will be blessed with children too!

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