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I met Cynthia yesterday to take my cookies. oh my, thats the best decision i make that day~ LOL~

Cleffairy is one of the hard core fan of Cynthia’s cookies until her blog kena hijack one.

True to her word, the cookies is fragrant, not too sweet, not too hard. just nice, home baked.

Small kucing also loved her bakery!

i think everyone will love it like how everyone love Farmous Amos. hehehehe

*taken from cyn’s blog.

Some details of the cookies
It comes in 3 variety flavours and bake fresh from oven every day after school  (so, you order you get it 2 days later via courier)

1.  Chocolate chip & almond cookies
2.  Chocolate chip & walnut cookies
3.  Chocolate chip & raisin cookies

Price:  RM20 per pack excluding delivery

Delivery Charges:
RM12 for maximum of 3 packs (for Peninsula Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM3.
RM25 for maximum of 3 packs (for East Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM6.
Overseas courier charges available upon request.
All delivery will be taken care by the courier man.

*detail from her blog.

If you want the biscuit, hop to her blog.


I wish my parents have long life so i have chance to take them to vacation

I wish i can be a good wife in the future.

I wish I can learn to cook lot of varieties and learn baking too.

what your wish?

p/s:i am pretty domestic right? ahahaha

a Christmas song for all of you!

I went to the kepong food court today, and i was shocked to see so many stall selling food. LOL!

I can’t decide what i want to eat.

and sobs too bad i have no camera, or phone camera. so no picca, have to result to stealing picture from google.

kepong food court or chien! very yummy all liking it. but at the end, i spend time in toilet. sobs! my stomach can’t handle the oil.

i order this too

It’s yummy too but oily.

CK order this fish paste soup meehon (?)

fei fei order white curry mee. The curry doesn’t use santan but fresh milk me think. Can’t find the picca at google. but it taste delicious!


i saw lot of colorful tang yuan while bloghopping.

but hor, the only tang yuan i every try is the one above

is that foochow people way to make tang yuan?

i wish everyone happy solstice!~


I request an ebook version of this book. This is because it will take forever to arrive if i request a hardcover version. This book talk about whether Jesus really have died on the cross and be resurrected after three day. It is a very controversial topic that at first i have doubt in reading it. Its a heavy book that deal with history and evidence of the scene.


This book deal with the topic from the two side.  One side agree that Jesus did died and resurrected while the other oppose to it. Both present their reason and evidence to support their cause. Despite a very heavy subject to be discuss, this book is written  in a easygoing and humorous way.  It present the debate from both side and let you come to the conclusion itself.


This book is very well researched and cover all angle surrounding the death and resurrection of the JESUS, and picture is even included in the book.  I remembered the author said, this subject is important because, Jesus death and resurrection is the core of Christianity. If this is a myth, then Christianity is only based on a myth. Read this book to know the truth.

This book is suitable for those who is doubtful, or maybe for atheist who is curious. If you are looking for the answer this book might be suitable for you. This book is very thought provoking and i give this book 5 star of a 5 star

This book is gratefully received from Thomas Nelson Publisher as part of their booksneeze blogger program. i am not required to write positive review and therefore, the review is 100% opinion of my own.

This movie make me cry so much . sobs!

In fact i still crying now. sobs!


Divided into four segments, A Moment to Remember follows the theme of discovery in a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

The first segment of the film, staged in romantic comedy style, introduces the protagonists, a woman named Su Jin and a man named Chul Soo. The movie highlights their accidental meeting in a convenience store and confusion over a can of soda, followed by their subsequent courting despite the social standings that should have kept them apart.

The second segment follows the couple now settling into married life. Su-Jin learns to be a housewife as her husband cares for her. But as the segment progresses, Su-jin begins to display forgetfulness, including an incident in which a fire breaks out because of a forgotten stove. While Chul Soo caught the fire in time, the seriousness of the incident and others draw them to seek medical help.

The third segment involves the revelation of Alzheimer’s disease and the couple’s consequent response to it. Su Jin is heavily burdened by the knowledge that she will forget her husband and hides it from him at first until he seeks advice from the doctor himself. Despite the disease, they make the commitment to stay together and as the disease progresses, the trials the couple go through increase because of Su Jin’s forgetfulness.

The fourth segment reveals Su-jin in the final stages of the disease and the grief Chul Soo experiences because of it. Yet he remains beside her, despite her lost memory, hiding his eyes behind sunglasses when he visits her so she can’t see his tears.

The end of the movie finishes off with Chul Soo replaying the first time they met in the convenience store with all her friends and family in the store. In the final scene, Su-jin is riding beside her husband in the car in the sunset, and he can finally tell her, “I love you.”

credit to wikipedia.

who want a good cry can watch it here.

Its have 26part and you will be directed to the related video on youtube.

credit for channelzebra who upload this movie. thanks!

This book is written by Mike Flynt.  His passion is football, fret not to all the lady who is not interested in football.  This book is not about football. This book is lesson learned from the author and how we can have a power based life.

I love the quote , The two greatest days in our lives are the day we’re born and and the day we realize what we were born for. How many of us getting paid for doing what we loved? I think everyone heard someone else in their life complaining about frustration in the job they are in, that person maybe you! The author said we have to find what we truly love and getting paid doing what we love! Another point in this book is about accentuate the positive. We always heard people said try to improve your weakness. But the author said, don’t waste time to improve your weakness, but instead get better in the thing we are good at.

This book is full of true life story whether in sport and other area in life. While reading this book , you will be guided to discover your passion if you still don’t have any. I even discuss about this book with my friend. Its a good book that make you think about your strength and living your life to the fullest. I give this book 5 star of 5star.

This book is gratefully received from Thomas Nelson Publisher as part of their booksneeze blogger program. i am not required to write positive review and therefore, the review is 100% opinion of my own.

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