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hello world! i am back

Posted on: December 1, 2010

anyone miss me ? LOL!
its not like i am gone for long time
i think i update my blog too. especially for book review
i visit and comment blog too!

now holiday start! and i am happy!
can’t wait my baby back here and cook for me!
hahaha. not me cook for him hor? such a bad girlfriend

see la if hardworking and want to impress i cook for him lor. kakakaka

too tired . gotta sleep and see whether i can update this blog daily like cikgu stp. hahaha

i think i will fail anyway.


21 Responses to "hello world! i am back"

Welcome back!! Hope you’re having a fine day~

Hiya, thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

thnks too for dropping by

Take picture and show us, what he cooks for you,ok?

ah sure! if he keep his promise to cook for me. lol

hiya.. come KL since it’s now holiday!! We sumbat you like how we sumbat the others.. bring your other half…

sure i will come ,when u guy free la. hehehe.

Aiya… dun nid to cook for him. Ask him cook for u lah! LOL…

hahaha. i 100% agree with u! lol

If you dont show him your wifely skills, how he see you as a wife?

then i see him as wife, n he see me as husband lor. wakakaka

Now i want to follow you already, cos Uncle can learn from you too, learn about your thoughts, your opinion, your views coming from a teen like you, so i say “Thank You” for sharing in your comments

i am not so young bro. i am old dy. hehehehe. eii u cn learn nothing from me too. i enjoy ur blog. not much daddy blog out there. never know men hv feeling too but u prove that men do enjoy fatherhood. hehehe

It’s been long since you went MIA. Kinda miss your rambling talk, keke… welcome back and enjoy your holidays. Haiz… I got no holidays *cont ranting…*

hehehehe. hope u able to take few day off maybe. hehehe. i wil continue ranting of

You’ve been away? Gee! I didn’t even notice. Muahahahaha!!!! Exams over…hope you did well. Enjoy your well-earned rest. No need to be like me – me old man, pensioner…nothing else better to do. Go out and make things happen!

LOL! because i comment your blog almost daily. mwahahaha. thats why you didn’t notice i am away.

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