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i will be busy with books!

Posted on: December 2, 2010

so this is the books that gonna take up my times.

a beautiful auntie let me borrow this 🙂

and aww, her dog is so cute, such an attention seeker. she will scratch me as soon as i stop caressing her . hahahaha


18 Responses to "i will be busy with books!"

muhahaha…another mad book addict

hahaha. better than drug addict

woah! nice.. i m burying myself with books currently as well…
btw, any good book intro?! after exam, i may go MPH to grab some…..

hehe. happy grabbing book. If you want book recomendation, i think you better ask kathy. she read more than me!*the above commenter*

Btw… let’s exchange link!!!
I’ve jz added u in my list… nice to meet u … kikiki =)

added nice to meet you too 🙂

I also love reading books during my leisure time.

but with two kids, sure not much leisure time 🙂

Way to go girl~
Reading is good! Something useful to do to kill the times…

yeap. but depend on what we read too. LOL!

This is getting to be very contagious… LOL!!!

you mean the book? mwahah!

How long you think you take to finish all these books ha,,, good for you,,,,,,

have a great weekend and god bless ya

maybe 2 day or three day ? LOL. have a great weekend too bro!

I will be dizzy if i saw books that thick @_@

Not thick at all. 200 -300 pages only 🙂

wow, suddenly bought so many books at once?? craving for reading is it?? haha, enjoy burying yourself into the books then~~ :p

i borrow it. hahaha. holiday ma. LOL!

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