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what is verbal abuse?

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Relationship suppose to be nurturing. If your partner didn’t physically abuse you but you wonder why you feel so bad. maybe this is the reason.

so what is the telltale that the guy is verbally abusive?


1. Name calling. self explanatory! name calling such as wh*re, b*tch, fugly, cacat etc.

2.Using threat. i.e: threatened to commit suicide if you left, cutting himself if you make him angry, threatening to harm your family.

*isn’t the picture so gross? imagine if someone show you this and said you cause it? i have been in this situation

3.Blaming the victim. Everything that happen to him, you will be the one who cause it.

If he do bad in study, your fault

If he feel unhappy , your fault

If he become fat, your fault

If he lose weight, your fault

If he decide to go bald, your fault

Everything is your fault in his mind.

4. Your feelings doesn’t matter.

If something anger you (refer to number one name calling), you are too sensitive. Its your fault.(refer to number 3)

even when he said

p/s: read this book if wanna know more 😀

psst: Maybe some of you might say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” , but try to imagine if this sort of thing happen to you everyday. The name calling, the so called constructive criticism ( constructive criticism are fine but if criticism without praise, how would you feel). For me the most damaging would be number 2. It make you feel trapped and helpless.


6 Responses to "what is verbal abuse?"

i have to say, sometimes verbal abuse is even more hurting than any other abuses.. because it’s so invicible but yet so deep inside our heart..

yeah.if you are physically abuse, you have the wound to show other, to show yourself as evidence, but for emotional abuse,all look so nice on the outer. and you doubt urself. and usually emotional abuser is not abusing all the time, they change btwin mr.nice and mr.abusive.

People tend to blame other people for everything, never themselves – they have a problem. Insecurity, inferiority…

insecure people do tend to jump from an abusive relationship to another. they hv the kick me attitude.

You remind me of someone, who always ‘verbally abuse’ me… well, since he is quite close to me, I’ll just keep quiet and listen when he starts ‘erupting’ and blaming me for this and that; when he cools down, it’s my turn to talk back, lol!

-my husband!;p

hahaha. if like that, its normal. what is not normal is when someone hurt himself or threaten to kill himself if u upset him =_=

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