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Posted on: December 6, 2010

Introducing you to rapunzel and pascal!

so cute right ?? heheheh! i love the Rapunzel! how can she be that beautiful!

and the laughter inducing horse named maximus

and a very good looking thief named eugene.

and others cast!

you know, i love this! LOL!

as usual, disnesy story have happily ever after ending !

P/s: my sweetheart is home. so i am away from blogsphere and maybe won’t be able to comment and visit your blog. see ya


10 Responses to "tangled!"

My daughter went to watch…and loved it. Cried at some parts like when the father missed the daughter……. Sobs! Sobs!

I wanna watch this!! Seems like I fail to pester my hubby to go with me.. 😦

hehehe. then threaten him! lol. luckily my bf let me choose what i want to watch. hehhe

My little May shed her tear when she thought Eugene was dying soon after Rapunzel’s hair was cut. My girls watched it twice, one in normal and another one in 3D.

oh yes! my heart break in thousand pieces when i thought eugene is dying! and i curse eugene for not letting rapunzel to cure him first b4 cutting her hair. tsk! luckily its a happy ending!

Oh yes, Rapunzel is so classic beautiful and her pet Pascal, so expressive and yet quiet, hahaha! Love3x this movie

yeah! love her pet! and love the horse. so funny! i totally love this and want to re watch!

We are going for it this weekend! Hope my girl has fun and enjoys the movie!^-^

by now , i think you have watch it and enjoy it~ hwhwhwh

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