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i was busy!and still will be busy tomorrow

Posted on: December 8, 2010

my boyfriend’s brother have been admitted to hospital!

finish whole day there!

hope he get discharged soon!

anyone know what to eat to cure diabetes?

sorry won’t be able to visit blog

will be off to sleep as soon as finish typing this

no one will read this anyway right?





9 Responses to "i was busy!and still will be busy tomorrow"

I read,,,,, anyway diabetes is a lifestyle disease they say, except those genetic one,, take care of diet and excercise is good

i think its genetic. he got it since small, but got worsen now 😦

oh.. getting diabetes is somehow a lifelong sickness…. just got to be careful on the sugar intake. hope he get well soon

huhu. he already lost both eyes to diabetes and now need dialysis too. 😦

Sorry to hear the bad news! There’s no cure for diabetes, he just have to control his diets, take medicine on time and do more exercises.

All the best to your BF’s brother, you too keep well and take care!

thanks for ur wishes. huhuh. i hope he get well too. any magic food to take huh?

I heard bitter gourd juice is good to control diabetes!^-^

diabetes no cure. Like Alice said, have to control diet and take med

yeap. he do take medicine. but maybe sigh he dun really control his diet? he bit suicidal too. refuse to go to hospital and keep saying let him die. 😦

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