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want or need?

Posted on: December 8, 2010

don’t this phone look beautiful?

its also have wifi too.

look a bit like blackberry too

and priced at rm430 for 2gb memory card

i would love to get this pinky thing

but ehhh…

this one is  a want not a need

so i should control  myself



8 Responses to "want or need?"

LOL, at least you still know how to determine what is need and want 😛
But true, the phone looks beautiful…..

yeap beautiful but its not a need. lol

Pink blackberry-look-alike phone at RM430?! Oh gosh, very tempting! It’s a want, not a need if the old phone is still usable….. But if I have extra cash on hand, nothing can stop me from getting what I want. Poor self-control.

hehehehe. go buy it if have cash to spared. but this handset have lot of complain bout the wifi. and the camera is blah .

Wow, look very stylish!

indeed. how beautiful it is!hhehehe

dune like pink

hahahah! i dunno why i love pink! LOL. even buy pink thing for bf too! lol

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