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handset missing. and the replacement.

Posted on: December 13, 2010

sorry dear fellow blogger for i have been absent

i been busy!

i lost my handphone, my bad to be careless, but the person who take it is even worse =_=

goodbye my beautiful handphone

i end up buying cheap handphone cost RM149 minus the memory card.

don’t think need to buy memory card when i already have mp3 player.

simple phone that can have two sim card in the same phone

how awesome is that

but uhhh ignore the camera in this phone. really =_= one. hehehe

everyone please take good care of your health ya.

health is wealth


6 Responses to "handset missing. and the replacement."

CSL is good kah?

so far ok lah. cheap thing mah, of course not as good as others. its lag when i type sms. but overall ok lah. sound not as good as sony handphone or lg handphone but loud

oooo….did u managed to get the old sim card? Hotlink got reply ka?

no , i straight go to the centre and they do it for me lor. heheheh

You too, take care!^-^

p/s: A phone in need is a phone indeed, regardless its model!

yeah! as long as can be used. no money use smartphone for what. hahaha
take care!

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