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lelio popo!moved you to tears and make you laugh out loud!

Posted on: December 13, 2010

have you watch it ?

this movie make me laugh so hard until stomach hurt

and this movie make me cry too. sobs sobs!

Movie synopsis :
(Mandarin / Cantonese)Lu Ye Chang (Luke) and Jiang Man Da (KK) are the popular and most famous radio deejays at Giant FM Radio stations. However, they are well known for their bad attitude and work etiquettes. One day, they are fired by their superior and shunned off by all other major FM Radio stations. Out of job for several months, they decide to attend a public audition for radio deejays at a new radio station. Jiang Man Da and Lu Ye Chang are surprised to see many old ladies applying for the job. It turns out that the radio station is actually looking for 2 “Ah Po” (old lady) deejays for a new show. They then disguise themselves as old ladies and got the job! Their momentum as the “PoPo” deejays builds up and that is when the fun begins.
Movie Director Lelio Popo (2010) : Adrian Teh.


12 Responses to "lelio popo!moved you to tears and make you laugh out loud!"

I’ve heard many good reviews on this one! Will make a visit to the cinema this week..
Our local made movie, not bad at all right!

not bad. very funny and very touching too
i think its hard to find a movie that able to make someone cry and laugh too.
my boyfriend reluctant to watch this bcoz local made . hahahaha
but i force him
he even show me the annoyed face before movie start
but after the movie. he said no regret at all watching it. lol

Wow, I never heard of this movie until you mentioned it here. Sounds promising as it’s funny and witty with Luke and KK 🙂 Do they speak Mandarin & Cantonese only? How about other local dialect – Hakka, TeowChew and Hokkien?

i think they speak almost 100% cantonese. not much chinese or other dialect. anyway, actually i depend on the subtitle to understand. not good in cantonese at all. lol

yeap its funny and touching!

thanks for sharing, not heard it before,, thank again ya

hmmmm, watched the trailer in cinema, but then not really interested to watch lor.. same thing to “Woohoo” i also didn’t go and watch though got lots of good review~~

hehehe. if got chance can try watch too. i actually dun read review before go watch this leh

LOL, I’ll definitely get its DVD, thanks for sharing !

Thanks for sharing here. Ah Niu’s new movie also coming soon

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