One life can make a difference

rape!~its effect everyone.

Posted on: December 15, 2010

my boyfriend told me
few years ago
he saw a drunk girl being dragged away by few guy
he felt guilty for not being able to save her
as he is alone, and scared
rape!~ its effect everyone
while listening to his story
i started to cry
and i blame him for not saving him
its effect me and him though i don’t know the pitiful girl.
some might said, her fault.
who ask her to get drunk
oh well.
nobody can do anything to us
if we said no , right?
even when we are drunk
maybe you all not agree with me.
i want to sleep now
sobs! done crying, my eyes hurt.
i am so sensitive nowadays!


8 Responses to "rape!~its effect everyone."

The world is getting scary huh?
We ladies really must take good care of ourselves, and be alert everywhere we go.. its always better to be safe than sorry….

yeah.. and never ever go out alone!

Holy smoke, he should call the police right away and wait for the police to come!!!!!

everything happen too fast and its already too late. imagine u see ppls drag someone into the car and speed away. furthermore, no one know it will happen. still shock i think. and now he hv guilt for so many year . huhu

Must be careful ladies, don’t chat up with strangers if you are the pubs,don’t drink too much either,the best you dont go out late night, dangerous lah,,

take care now ya

yeaap. n i never like going to that kind of places. too noisy for me . hehehe.

i think the criminals that people hate most are those rapists!! i never understand why they would do that to hurt people, both physically and mentally.. that is why they always get beat up if they go in the jail i heard..

i sure glad if that is true.
and i would be glad to go in jail and beat them up myself. hehehe

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