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Gray Matter by David Levy ,MD with Joel Kilpatrick

Posted on: December 16, 2010

I receive this book yesterday and done reading it. this book is such a page turner because the style of writing captivate me.  The first chapter, risk factor talk about the brain aneurysm. What is brain aneurysm, what is brain surgery and what the risk of the brain surgery. It was told in a simple language. I was able to understand even though i have no background in medical fields.

Chapter two is about how he started to pray with the patient. He is a Christian but in medical field, spiritual and medical is separated. He felt the urge to pray with the patients for long time but after many doubt he start the ball rolling and soon the praying give positive outcome, and nurse and others join in the prayer for patient.

For the other chapter, its talk about the skeptics who don’t believe in prayer or insist that they have different religion. Some is downright hostile. What caught my attention is

“i would be glad to pray with you.”. ” NO. We have our own beliefs”, replied the woman sharply. The husband said nothing but looked soberly down at the floor. This couple’s response fit an interesting pattern: it is almost always the healthy partner who steps in and says “no thanks” to the prayer. But person with the brain problem almost always welcome prayer or at least tolerate with it.

This paragraph really resonated with me.  I see this before  in my life. Apart from the skeptics, a lot of people been transform by the prayer. As the writer said, some people leave the hospital not only with physical renew, but also spiritually. What is interesting about this book is the humble doctor who willingly tell us his doubt, his weakness and glorify GOD and not himself. Never once he said that I pray because I want to, but he said he feel doubtful but do it anyway with faith in GOD.

From this book, we also been brought to few of brain surgery scene that Dr. David perform and this book which is told candidly make me realize doctor do have feeling. And they do feel heartache for each loss and joy in each success surgery. The ability of the doctor to fusion spiritual and medical practice together definitely make me awestruck, he is witnessing even in his job. How awesome is that.

I will give this book 5 star of a 5star. i really enjoy reading this book. All the brain surgery drama in this book actually make me appreciate the fact that i am healthy and alive.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, i have to state that this  book is gratefully received from Tyndale House Publishers. I am not required to write positive review and therefore, the review is 100% opinion of my own.


4 Responses to "Gray Matter by David Levy ,MD with Joel Kilpatrick"

I wish I can read this interesting book too!^-^

heheh!i can lend u if u r near here!

I saw this book and thought of requesting for it too but then i was not sure will like it or not

i like it a lot! inspirational!

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