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sad scene!

Posted on: December 16, 2010

i was eating my favorite curry noodles this morning

its taste very good! as always

but its about to change

omigosh, i saw her scolding her husband in front of customer.

even me at nearby table heard it

suddenly the noodle seems like hard to stomach

and i wonder do personality of a person change what we think about his/her food

i am not saint, i have temper too.

but i as a person would not like to be humiliate like that.

not once, but twice.

what appaled me more is

few second after scolding her husband

she smile and talk nicely to the customer


why we always treat stranger with polite but we treat our own family badly?

i feel sad seeing his face suddenly down, and shoulder oso down.

sad scene!




16 Responses to "sad scene!"

Yes, some people can be such hypocrites… Perhaps she’s rich – he married her, so she now bullies him as she pleases, treats him like a slave…

well, she is not rich also lah, but she the one who started the business and her husband come to help. he is good man! hardworking! i feel sad lah see him being treated that way. its never good to degrade others.

at that moment i feel like telling her,
you should be grateful to have a good husband, imagine you have a husband that hit you, kaki botol or lazying at home waiting u to feed him!

Some women dunno how blessed they are – always think other people’s husbands better….

Hmmm, some people just dont care ya?
How did the husband reacts then?

just do what needed to do lor and what she ask lor. without a sound. before she scold him, he look happy. sad to see such changes in face

Thanks for dropping by, did you mention curry noodles? oh love curry mee so much especially from Penang. Hawkers do face lots of pressure yeah pity the poor hubby and she certainly no give face. In a split second she can switch to zero and leave her temper behind and smile to customer is her trained ability to reset her mode in a very fast ‘ctrl alt del’ action. Must learn how to reboot so fast from her. tQ

welcome. btw i am the first customer there , and the other customer who waited his noodle to be tapaud is only the second customer wor. i don’t think got so presurre early in the morning. i think they must have fight in the house ba before that. shrugged

I seen lots of hawker especially women scolding their husband while preparing the food. Maybe they so “pek chek”, under a very stressful situation mah.

oh really, actually this my first time seeing it. lol. so it shocked me a bit . LOL!

She put her poker face before the crowds while showing her true colours right infront of her close family member!>_<

i guess mny people like that. sad right.

People tend to take things or people for granted. Sigh….we just have to learn to be more grateful sometimes.

yeah thats right. i thought you are on holiday?:O

Its human nature not to cherish?

What a sad scene.

Sigh… I wonder where does the “I-love-you” go after a couple get well together. We are lovey-dovey during the courtship but then can’t we maintain it after marriage?

It’s a sad scene, indeed.

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