One life can make a difference

are you an organ donor?

Posted on: December 17, 2010

if you are Malaysian, and you are organ donor.

you will have a green card like above

having sign up as organ donor

make me feel relief

because i know

if i don’t do a lot of good deed in life, at least i can save few life after i die.

i sign up to donate all my organ!




15 Responses to "are you an organ donor?"

I’m still in dilemma whether to sign up or no….
I know it’s a good deed, but I’m not ready to pen down my signature on the paper yet 😦

Hey, I notice your blog is “snowing” XD
Feel like christmas….

hehee, christmas is coming to town!!
actually i made this post to spread awareness, but i don’t want to impose.
you do what you feel comfortable with . 🙂

oh yeah, that is certainly a very kind deed to donate your organ.. two thumbs up for you!! 🙂

oh because i sinned a lot, i need to balance it out by doing good deed. LOL!
so its actually a selfish way to make me have better place btwin heaven and hell? LOL~

Yeah giving away skin, leaves and stem haha..*kidding* Great me too, yeah high 5! I have signed away many years ago while in Komtar, Penang where I saw a poster which says “1 live can save 4” tQ

yeah~ hehehe. i saw it in hospital~ my boyfriend’s brother have diabetes and seeing him so suffering. i feel like if i die, i can use my death to help others, why not
my boyfriend against it though
but he have no say in this because my dad nod in agreement when i told him i want to sing up for it.LOL~

nope i have not sign up yet

sign up when u r ready then~heheh

Congratulation, welcome to become one of the organ donor! I’m one of you all too, since a very young age!;D

i am one year ago. hehe. high five*

I’m one… since I was 19.

so early got liao @_o . heheheh

You’re such a generous person! Our country needs people like you 😉
But to me, I actually in deep dilemma for this topic… I prefer myself to be in ‘one piece’ even after I die =_= Well, thats my personal thinking la…

hehehe. don’t do something you are not comfortable with. we all have different way to contribute to the society i think

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