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The power based life

Posted on: December 19, 2010

This book is written by Mike Flynt.  His passion is football, fret not to all the lady who is not interested in football.  This book is not about football. This book is lesson learned from the author and how we can have a power based life.

I love the quote , The two greatest days in our lives are the day we’re born and and the day we realize what we were born for. How many of us getting paid for doing what we loved? I think everyone heard someone else in their life complaining about frustration in the job they are in, that person maybe you! The author said we have to find what we truly love and getting paid doing what we love! Another point in this book is about accentuate the positive. We always heard people said try to improve your weakness. But the author said, don’t waste time to improve your weakness, but instead get better in the thing we are good at.

This book is full of true life story whether in sport and other area in life. While reading this book , you will be guided to discover your passion if you still don’t have any. I even discuss about this book with my friend. Its a good book that make you think about your strength and living your life to the fullest. I give this book 5 star of 5star.

This book is gratefully received from Thomas Nelson Publisher as part of their booksneeze blogger program. i am not required to write positive review and therefore, the review is 100% opinion of my own.


8 Responses to "The power based life"

Looks like a nice book to read! I love the quote ‘The two greatest days in our lives are the day we’re born and and the day we realize what we were born for’, very true!

yeah. i love that quote too. heheh

I like fiction and Bio more. Not really into this type of motivational books

ehehe. then we like different genre.;)

Still puzzled about how I was transformed from stone and even more so have not realized the purpose as yet. Will have to read this book for realisation. tQ

hehehe, discover purpose in your life and you will discover yourself too;)

I agreed with the author, everyone was born with their own specialty, we just need to discover it and improvise, then we will highly possibly have a successful life!

yeap. and it guide us to recognize our strength too. its a good read

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