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The Jesus Inquest

Posted on: December 21, 2010

I request an ebook version of this book. This is because it will take forever to arrive if i request a hardcover version. This book talk about whether Jesus really have died on the cross and be resurrected after three day. It is a very controversial topic that at first i have doubt in reading it. Its a heavy book that deal with history and evidence of the scene.


This book deal with the topic from the two side.  One side agree that Jesus did died and resurrected while the other oppose to it. Both present their reason and evidence to support their cause. Despite a very heavy subject to be discuss, this book is written  in a easygoing and humorous way.  It present the debate from both side and let you come to the conclusion itself.


This book is very well researched and cover all angle surrounding the death and resurrection of the JESUS, and picture is even included in the book.  I remembered the author said, this subject is important because, Jesus death and resurrection is the core of Christianity. If this is a myth, then Christianity is only based on a myth. Read this book to know the truth.

This book is suitable for those who is doubtful, or maybe for atheist who is curious. If you are looking for the answer this book might be suitable for you. This book is very thought provoking and i give this book 5 star of a 5 star

This book is gratefully received from Thomas Nelson Publisher as part of their booksneeze blogger program. i am not required to write positive review and therefore, the review is 100% opinion of my own.


13 Responses to "The Jesus Inquest"

Truth? What is truth? Man’s interpretation – anyone can say anything. I wouldn’t bother…faith is a mystery and “blessed are those who do not see and yet believe”.

ehheeh. the author is a Christian. he try to debate about this issue, quite interesting but heavy stuff.
i like the quote blessed are those who do not see and yet believe. 🙂

Wow, you’re really a book worm ya? hehe…
I hardly read, just dont have the habits =_=

hahaha, i know more hardcore bookworm than me. i don’t really eat much book. lol

Just believe…….man can tell many other things but faith will always lead to the truth…………………………

they say 2012 sept 12th…the end of the world,,you believe it? if you do then what are you going to do? if you don’t, will you still try to believe it?

and you know in the end live a life that’s worthy for yourself and a good testimony to god,,,,,,,,,,,,ditto

hey, thanks for the support to my blog,, my too in return ya

i have friend who believe in it. LOL
naa i don’t believe in that but i do enjoy the speculation. you are welcome

true what STP had said

yeap. blessed are those who do not see and yet believe, lol i am not that blessed then . but this book is not anti Christian book. in fact the author itself is Christian.

So there are two sides truth vz myth any third of its kind? For a free thinker would be even more confused later? tQ

hehe, truth is not absolute too. what is truth for a person might be a myth for a person. this book present the debate from those who believe and those who don’t so its pretty interesting. 🙂
confusing free thinker? hehehehe. i am sure some free thinker is curious bout this book

5 out of 5?!! That’ a full mark, if I have got time I won’t mine to take a look!^-^

its a controversial topic, and full of history . if you don’t mind it you can read it. hehehe. i have the ebook version, if you want, tell me 🙂

Those who believed have faith that Jesus lives in their lives. Those who opposed don’t believed.

Agreed with STP; “blessed are those who do not see and yet believe”.

There were many disbelief when Christ walked the earth? And today we are still arguing about it.

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