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Happy Solstice

Posted on: December 22, 2010

i saw lot of colorful tang yuan while bloghopping.

but hor, the only tang yuan i every try is the one above

is that foochow people way to make tang yuan?

i wish everyone happy solstice!~



12 Responses to "Happy Solstice"

Wow, there’s such tang yuan?? I’ve never seen those before (Damn jakun)
So how many tang yuan you had? hehe..

i have none so sad right. i am far from home. can’t wait go back home.
hahah, this one is easy to make, just add ground nut and sugar me think. i jakun also, never saw the colourful tang yuan. heheheh~

The tong yuen looks delicious! I love nuts! hehe

how to make one? I never tasted these b4

just make the tang yuan, boil it and put it into ground nut and sugar , coated and ready to eat

Sorry came slightly late as link shows error 404 many times until I click your main blog. Guess so its Fuzhou or Foochow style as commented by blogger Jam. Happy Solstice.

blogger jam? who? :O
happy solstice to you too

this is really looks special to me, never seen this kind of tang yuan before leh.. is that deep fried one, or just coated with ground peanuts??

coated with ground nut and sugar. best when eaten hot.

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