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Kepong food court.

Posted on: December 23, 2010

I went to the kepong food court today, and i was shocked to see so many stall selling food. LOL!

I can’t decide what i want to eat.

and sobs too bad i have no camera, or phone camera. so no picca, have to result to stealing picture from google.

kepong food court or chien! very yummy all liking it. but at the end, i spend time in toilet. sobs! my stomach can’t handle the oil.

i order this too

It’s yummy too but oily.

CK order this fish paste soup meehon (?)

fei fei order white curry mee. The curry doesn’t use santan but fresh milk me think. Can’t find the picca at google. but it taste delicious!



8 Responses to "Kepong food court."

Wow… luckily I already taken my breakfast, if not, my keyboard and table would be flooded with saliva 😛

Fish head mee hoon is my all time favourite, if it’s good I won’t mind drop by Kepong for a bowl!^-^

Have a joyful Christmas Eve!

oh yeah~ i love that one too. hehehehhe! the soup so delicious! i steal the soup from my friend. lol
merry Christmas to you too!

Oo la la, my favourite or chien and lo bak koh~ Make me crave for one now, hahaha…

Have a joyful Christmas!

yeap taste good but oily. lol. first time eating or chien yesterday!

Oh my favorite curry mee but the white suddenly chased my appetite away..haha . You sensitive to oil or the Or Chian not too clean? tQ

hahahah!~ its not white in colour la. but just the name. lol yeah when i saw white curry me i steer away too. it taste good too!
i think its clean coz i am the only one have stomach ache while the rest of them not. hahahah

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