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can’t stop munching it.

Posted on: December 25, 2010

I met Cynthia yesterday to take my cookies. oh my, thats the best decision i make that day~ LOL~

Cleffairy is one of the hard core fan of Cynthia’s cookies until her blog kena hijack one.

True to her word, the cookies is fragrant, not too sweet, not too hard. just nice, home baked.

Small kucing also loved her bakery!

i think everyone will love it like how everyone love Farmous Amos. hehehehe

*taken from cyn’s blog.

Some details of the cookies
It comes in 3 variety flavours and bake fresh from oven every day after school  (so, you order you get it 2 days later via courier)

1.  Chocolate chip & almond cookies
2.  Chocolate chip & walnut cookies
3.  Chocolate chip & raisin cookies

Price:  RM20 per pack excluding delivery

Delivery Charges:
RM12 for maximum of 3 packs (for Peninsula Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM3.
RM25 for maximum of 3 packs (for East Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM6.
Overseas courier charges available upon request.
All delivery will be taken care by the courier man.

*detail from her blog.

If you want the biscuit, hop to her blog.


12 Responses to "can’t stop munching it."

yum yum leh? eat once want twice

Wow looks nice! Cookies can be very addictive ho! But drink more water ya~

yummy~ as delicious as Famous Amos? wow, her baking skill must be very good 😀

Yes, I tasted them before…. 🙂

Oh yes, I heard a lot of good verdict about Cynthia’s baking from other mommy bloggers!^-^

Mine all gone liao. Everyone loved them!!!

Oh yes..i have tried it and yet to come out with the post. The cookies are simply awesome

Is it cheaper to buy famous amos or to order from them for delivery to SG?

yeah, i am a cookies lover too, given that box of cookies i think “once i pop, i can’t stop” too.. hahahaha!! 😀

Hope not too late to say Happy New Year to you!

Wow cookies again? Have been reading about this from sooo many blogs. Must be really good.

addictive ya! I almost finished mine!

Hah… I really no hope liao la… officially Cyn’s cookie junkie!

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