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This is an autobiography book detailed about the abuse he suffer in the hand of his merciless mother. His mother refuse to acknowledge he is a person and called him ” bad boy” , “the boy”, and “it”. A “non existent” for his mother. He never understand why he is being singled out from the five brother and being treated like slave.

Its very traumatizing for faint hearted . Its written in the gory detailed how his alcoholic mother starved him, make him eat feces, forcing him to vomit daily and forcing him to eat  his own vomit, chamber gas torture, accidentally stabbed him and always told him, she wanted to kill him.

This is the first book in the series of  four book.  For those who is interested in ebook , i have all the four ebook, leave message in comment and i will email you.

p/s: sorry for neglecting my blog. i really warm warm shit chicken ma. hahahah

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