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A child called “IT” – One child’s courage to survive

Posted on: January 5, 2011

This is an autobiography book detailed about the abuse he suffer in the hand of his merciless mother. His mother refuse to acknowledge he is a person and called him ” bad boy” , “the boy”, and “it”. A “non existent” for his mother. He never understand why he is being singled out from the five brother and being treated like slave.

Its very traumatizing for faint hearted . Its written in the gory detailed how his alcoholic mother starved him, make him eat feces, forcing him to vomit daily and forcing him to eat  his own vomit, chamber gas torture, accidentally stabbed him and always told him, she wanted to kill him.

This is the first book in the series of  four book.  For those who is interested in ebook , i have all the four ebook, leave message in comment and i will email you.

p/s: sorry for neglecting my blog. i really warm warm shit chicken ma. hahahah

P.P.S: i edited this post .


15 Responses to "A child called “IT” – One child’s courage to survive"

I have all 3 of this book. THere are another two more to this.

As for the story…can believe la…but dont believe 100%.

Since he is an abused child, there might be a hidden pyschological problem arising from the abuse. Some of it might be exaggerated. Kena abuse liao and then he still friendly with his mom wor…

i have the ebook too. but i need rest before reading others. this book give me nightmare.
i agree with you maybe there is exaggeration involved.
hm,he the one who can forgive his mother, his brother who write about the abuse hate the mother, so i guess its depend!
he is singled out from the 5 children to abuse, i didn’t find this unbelievable too, because i have friend being abused too, not to that extent of course. mother may single out because he look resemble the daddy she hate or etc.
furthermore hating do no good to ourselves too, he have justification why his mother act that way mah. Stockholm syndrome me think..

Child abuse…. who could have ever lay a hand on the adorable little angel? Many put the blame to external influences, such as alcohol, pressure or money. But some parents who suffer from psychological issue will abuse their children.

Sigh… always it’s the children who are the victim.

i think its a vicious cycle. some people become bitter as victim and when they grew up, they become abuser themselves too. this mother may have some unresolved issue from childhood.

This is how a psycho-pat(the series killer) was brought up, they were abused and humiliated when they were young, and grow up to ‘pay back’ the more hideous way!

yeah definitely. that’s why i think some person really not suitable to be parent, because they lack of love even for themselves

I always wondering how can a mother abuse her own child. Imagine the 10 months pregnancy. Pity the child.

maybe because they are treated that way before, we never know. 😦

Gosh…what a story! I think this should be a book that I wouldn’t mind reading.

Child abuse, something really bad for us all…. 😦
Hope you’re having a great day!

I want to read this story. Can I purchase this book through MPH or Borders?

I must check this book out as well, hey keep blogging lah,, you see as a person we sure have many things to share one, like myself if you were to put up few posts a day, also no problem,just that no time already,,

so dont be hangat hangat tahu ayam lol ,ok?

seems like a good read, will check this book out..
haha, warm warm chicken shit and three minuts warmth?? well, many people will go through this, but if you can really get through this, i’m sure you’d be addicted to blogging in the future~~ 😀

Hi – I am keen to get the all the ebooks. Please let me know what I need to do. 🙂 Thanks. Sarie

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